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Udon thani nightlife

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Udon thani nightlife

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The area between Central Plaza and the train station on Prajak Road has plenty of bars, two multi-bar complexes, lots of restaurants and two huge night markets. There are other nightlife venues dotted around the city. Click nighlife the links below to read reviews on some of the best Udon Thani nightlife and daytime bars, clubs and restaurants.

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It has thousands of girls who are eager to meet with foreigners. Free entrance every day of the week.

I went there on a Sunday and it was full, with many girls in their 20s. A few bargirls will keep you company if you need.

If you want live music, to dance or to chat to bar girls this review is a good starter for you. Day Date Ideas There are plenty of places to go enjoy a nice day outside here.

You can find bars and nightclubs that are open and busy every night, but for that, you'll need to go outside of the tourist areas. They have Thai music, usually pop and mellow songs. I was there for 5 days as a stopover before heading to Laos and I was than really expecting there would be any nightlife.

It is the newest and hippest in the city, but smaller than Rhythm. Top-quality food is available too.

Udon thani highlights | thailand redcat

Meeting girls in nightclubs is also possible, especially in Phoenix, Yellow Bird and Rhythm. If you like what you see begin to contact them and line up some dates, if not it only cost you a couple minutes to check them out.

The area between Central Plaza and the train station on Prajak Road has plenty of bars, two multi-bar complexes, lots of restaurants and two huge night markets. Open until 1AM.

The bars are a little bit nicer there, especially Sisters but unfortunately it does not get so busy. Here the top two sites are Thai Friendly and Thai Cupidset your location to this city and then begin sending out messages to all of the single girls in Nightliffe Thani you want to meet.

They aren't the prettiest girls you'll meet in Thailand but a few are cute. Map of Udon Thani Highlights See also:.

Thais nightclubs are a much better option. Last updated: March 21st, in Isaan Traveling Udon Thani Udon Thani is the most popular town in Isaan not just for expats but also for short time visitors that know how much the city has to offer.

Udon thani nightlife | beyond the mango juice

You can check Agoda for more option, just remember to stay close from the Central Plaza Mall. As it turns out, I was wrong. Central Plaza is located in the town center just 2 minutes walk from the bus station. This is not just the most modern building in Udon Thani, but also the biggest mall that has all the big Western chains, a big supermarket, food court, dozens of restaurants and the only cinema in town.

Best places to meet girls in udon thani & dating guide

The de and set-up is really original. Most bars there are not very sophisticated and they only have the basics for you to enjoy a beer. Find a more detailed article about my visit to Ban Chiang, the video and how to get there here.

It is located 2 minutes from the tourist area of Soi Samphan Thamit behind Central Plaza and for this reason, you'll see plenty of foreigners inside. Close at 2AM.

8 best places for a surreal udon thani nightlife experience

Ideally, you can chat with them a few weeks before arriving in Thailand to build up the excitement. Indigs have uncovered skeletons, red painted pottery together with bronze grave gifts dating back to 3, BC and giving evidence to the earliest known civilization in the region as well as proving it was not culturally undeveloped as compared to China and India.

Nong Prajak has a lot to offer, you can feed the fish, buy snacks from the locals or enjoy massages. It will require more effort and a bit of luck though. It gets full almost every night with upper-class locals.

This short review will guide through the best venues I went to during my stay. Or just stroll along the nice walkways and bridges or relax in the shade of a palm tree by the pond.

Update — now closed Follow:. You can just go there directly, walk around for a few minutes and sit in the bar udob like the most. Note that the expats in Udon Thani are quite old on average and that they sleep early!

Udon thani nightlife

Owner Peter Fitzgerald is a sound host and will cook you just about anything you want. Young nigytlife. By the time of your second day in Udon Thani you'll certainly be bored. Basically, you have two adjacent streets with a total of around 30 bars some with ladies, some normal. I rode the motorcycle there from Udon and it took me just like 50 minutes, nice and relaxing cruise past small villages and rice paddies.