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The chive gap monday

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The chive gap monday

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I know it has been some time since you posted this. I do not know if you still want an answer or not but I felt compelled to reply. For one, I am very familiar with theChive. For two, I found your post because I was looking up to see what others do about their boyfriends that are obsessed with theChive and while you did not say your boyfriend was obsessed with it, I was wondering how you handled it. To answer your question, theChive is a community of people mostly in ttheir mid to upper 20sthat are all over the world not sure if it is the world or just the US with chapters everywhere. They post photos either sent in from Chivers and Chivettes or taken from reddit or instagram s or twitter s, etc.

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Its time to mind some gaps 31 photos thechive

Just combine them. He used to tell me "ooh tomorrow is hump day" I do not know if you still want an answer or not but I felt compelled to reply. I just don't understand it As this article is related to extreme dieting, it is important that we are using reliable sources appropriate for health-related content per WP:MEDRS. I will add a citation needed tag.

Gaps can help cure the monday blues (40 photos)

I didn't realize that my replying bumped anything not even sure what that means to be honest. If there is reliable sourcing that the Chive helped popularize and spread the concept, then it probably merits a mondaj in the article. But as I think someone mentioned before, this article is not so much about a health subject as a cultural one. Over this weekend, I te going to my local library and seeing if I can find something offline.

Hope it helps. But when the source was questioned, it was just attributed to the offline source.

This is a contentious topic and that is the best way to achieve a consensus on what should be in the article. Also, I'm not sure "The Times of India" is an appropriate source. Hope it is just this article and not widespread among Wikipedia, but I have my doubts. I have chie posted on any of the boards here before because in all honesty, I had no idea the boards existed until the other day when I was doing my search.

Gap : search results : thechive

The title of each group is what binds all the photos in that group together. Thanks, Mat ty. YouTube and Twitter are being used as sources here and there are additionally BLP concerns for the women who are unduely singled out in the 'opinions' section.

As for knowing it is the tamest thing he is looking at, yes I know that. The reason for the sourcing issues is because the sentences are forever being reworded. It sounds like your saying you'd only believe the coverage if they were written by men! It has occurred to me that the Barbie Doll might be used to illustrate a thigh gap, but it appears from photos like the one on the right that her feet don't touch.

Gap : search results : thechive

Hartwig Raeder talk16 March UTC Problems with sourcing[ edit ] There are some health-related claims in this article that are not adequately sourced. I have mondwy this many times and never saw anything. Thirdly, I'd like to reply to you skullshank and am sorry but do not know how you do the quote thing like you did so this will have to do.

For two, I found your post because Gzp was looking up to see what others do about their boyfriends that are obsessed with theChive and while you did not say your boyfriend was obsessed with it, I was wondering how you handled it. Do you have alternative and better sources, perhaps some that say a thigh gap may be obtained nonday or healthily? I have heard in the past that a big thigh gap can make it more difficult for women to have children.

Until Oxford University publish a book on the subject they will have to do. Changed the quote to "for most people it is next to impossible to attain" as you suggest. Each of the seven is treated fairly briefly. I monnday I chivw being harsh when I hte some were that way but that's a good point about just scrolling past them. The facts themselves are sourced; cyive you annotate which bits require rewording, I'll amend them.

Well, almost a year later, he still checks it like he first found out about it. I'm only asking to try to understand because if I can understand it, my bf's obsession may not bother me so much. To answer your question, no I do not work for theChive or any of its affiliated sites. In March of '11, The Chive was averaging over 1 million views per day, which would point to those posts gaining the "gap" plenty of popularity.

I'd be inclined to remove the information sourced to a random women's fitness website which seems to be Gobono's only reason for tagging the article - after all, there are plenty of journalistic news sources to plumb.

It does briefly mention that the "pubic angle is greater than degrees in a female; in the male, it is 90 degrees or less". And the section seems to be an extension of the section. If you can add reliable sources for the contrary view, please do so. Please know that I do not take any offense to what you said cihve no worries. I believe that a balance tag is not needed, so I will remove it.

The chiveskanks have been plentiful lately, but I just scroll past. Jonathunder talk24 February UTC My impression of that image was that, if it wasn't photoshopped, the woman was bow-legged.

Its time to mind some gaps 31 photos thechive | cloudy girl pics

It is also being used to source the basic definition of the gap chife occurring when "standing with the back upright and the left and right knees touching each other". Slambo Speak23 February UTC So not only was it a nonfree image, which is why it was deleted, it was quite probably photoshopped. Physicans do discuss this.

I propose we scrap the Human Body references and find alternative sources. Everybody hat got a thigh gap while trying to perform a side split.

If you find any, feel free to incorporate the information you find with sources into the article. The current Origins section claims that the "gap" gained notoriety after the Victoria's Secret show, but the source is a single Huffington Post article, in which the author cites one Tumblr as sufficient evidence that the "gap" has gained sufficient notoriety to become a "new trend".

Why did I decide to post now? I added a link to the body image Wiki.