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Text friends

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Text friends

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Pin shares Wish your friends good morning to start their day off on the right foot. A text message frienvs includes a good morning quote can reaffirm your awesome friendship. Waking up to a text in the morning can put on triends smile on your face. Imagine receiving one from a beloved friend. You can start a new texting tradition by sending one first to your bff. There are plenty of reasons to be happy in the morning, and our friends are often a part of those reasons.

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But then, once you pull out your pocket-sized text message machine, you realize you have absolutely nothing to say.

10 best texts to send your best friend | lovetoknow

We meet in the main street at 5;30 p. If you never spell words correctly, how will it ever correct you? I am the tree, you are the monkey. There's no reason your texting should be any different.

10 best texts to send your best friend

People met for a special reason. I hope today is a great day full of smiles, laughter, and blessings! I wish you a fresh and successful day.

Or that she doesn't adore you above all others - including her parents, husband and kids, and everybody else she's ever met. Texting is hard, because the medium is entirely text-based hence the nameand it is often difficult to express emotions in messaging. Sometimes we meet one hour later if someone has to do shopping or stay late at job.

Come on, folks; let's outsmart all those machines striving toward the singularity, before it's too late. Instead, text your bestie something heartwarming and funny. ShutterStock This is really saying a lot! Just remember, it's all in good fun.

Thank you. It's one of the perks of being that close to someone. This is the perfect tect to send any of your besties who you've been friends with since forever. You know, the people who have been there for you since the awkward days of high school, middle school, and maybe even earlier than that. So always live life to the fullest and make the most of everything!

Text with friends / exchange text messages with friends | wordreference forums

You are the sun, I am the rays. May I use a few seconds to say thanks for giving criends the gift of knowing someone like you. Do you think that if in your grandparents' day, someone went around taking photos of his food and showing them to everyone, your grandpa wouldn't have marched up to that weirdo and popped him in the nose? Which one of you is the one pushing each other into bad situations that end up being hilarious?

This was a popular meme and chain a few years back and really illustrates what it means to be human. But then, an empty life needs a friend, rext for filling in.

But even if you turn me away, I will still stay with you and will always be your friend. We frequently go away to stunning spots in Ireland to visit frifnds nature.

Text messages to a friend

May your joy be great. ShutterStock This is an adorable way to say that you want to be best friends forever, until you're both really old. ShutterStock This is a cute way of saying a genuine thank you while also making your friend smile. Of course you would help your BFF through any injury!

It's like, "I love tsxt, but also I would laugh at you if you got into a funny accident that didn't leave you hurt. God gave us 86, valuable seconds each day.

Best wishes for your morning and day. Dare to be different. The Excessive Emoji Freinds Best Friend's Handbook Rule 1: If you can't have entire conversations with your bestie using emojis and only emojis without understanding every last word, you're not really best friends.

Of course you would never say a negative word about your bestie! I know your life can go on without me, that you can be happy without me, that you can survive without me. Friendship is impossible to keep within yourself, it will always extend as far as it can reach to touch your hearts. And maybe she'll leave her phone lying around where one of her guests might see it.

Save all of your hilarious one-liners for social media!

15 heartwarming best friend text messages to send on national best friends day

No worries, all you need to do is start talking, and eventually, the words will come. After all, texr could send a really punny text letting them know how "egg-cellent" they are — but sometimes it's more fun to get them laugh-crying rather than just laughing, you know? Click on any of the links below to of our different text messages.

Make Her Laugh When you and your bestie get together, you have great conversations. And you'll always defend them if someone else tries to say something behind their back. Sorry, Granddad. Your best friend should be the person you go to whenever you really need someone to talk to, and frkends some serious advice. If you do, why not make the text sweet but also hilarious?