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Tantra massage maui

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Tantra massage maui

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Be refreshed and nurtured by eating only healthy organic foods grown and prepared just for you to enjoy. This retreat is cooled beautifully by the trade mauj in the summer which is a wonderful time to visit, unlike Kihei, Wailea and Lahaina, the places in Maui where most of the hotels are.

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When you finally surrender to bliss, you will heal and be energized. My smile is warm, my eyes inviting.

There is no shortage of disinformation out there that offers to solve relationship and sexual challenges — everything from sex potency pills, to seduction programs, to questionable relationship advice. Allow me to show you the way to let go of the daily grind, to take precious time out of ordinary time, and be thoroughly pampered and enjoyed as the powerful Divine Sexual and Sensual Being you are!

In fact, the Dalai Lama — a celibate monk — only does Tantric practices and there are many such leaders throughout history in all cultures. You are a true treasure and I am eternally in your debt.

Enter my Temple Gates and learn my mysteries. Expand your lovemaking experience and increase the sacredness of your commitment to each other.

Allow me to transport you to a new world. Imagine walking into a Sacred Temple, greeted by your long awaited Dream Goddess. Be refreshed and nurtured by eating only healthy organic foods grown and prepared just for you to enjoy. Jassage of areas to play and relax and be completely free! But, that is just not true. Tantra Offerings Tantric Full Body Sensual Massage - a deeply sensual, erotic experience Surrender to pleasure for pleasure's sake and experience being completely present, immersed in the deepest states of relaxation while building sexual energy to peaks and oscillating waves throughout the body.

One paid private session is required in advance to get to know you or you and your partner in order to plan your retreat together.

Tantric massage(tantra) in maui by female and male

Learn how to share with another person and still stay pure within your own safe boundaries. Is there a longing to step fully into what this life has to offer? Women… Are you mauui — — to heal from sexual trauma? This retreat is cooled beautifully by the trade winds in the summer which is a wonderful masswge to visit, unlike Kihei, Wailea and Lahaina, the places in Maui where most of the hotels are. Within the session, we will meet and connect in a meaningful way that satisfies the heart, body and soul longing we all have for true and loving connection.

How to resolve this? My sexiness is almost distracting. Group packages available as well! Tatra brings deep levels of teaching, healing, celebration, and community connection.

From sensuality to divinity

I hold a deep and safe emotional space for your sexual healing txntra awakening sessions that will help you to release shame, sexual trauma, old patterns, conditioning and stuck energy, so that you may open into more of your full and joyful Yes to Life, inviting in more juiciness, sensuality and pleasure. The time to heal the feminine is now. You and your partner can share a quality experience — moving energy, learning new truths, and feeling the peace and sublime sensitivity of the ancient healing art of Tantra.

This can be a phone, Skype or face to face appointment. Often, the biggest mistake is tnatra women think something must be wrong with them or that they need to know everything.

Maui hawaii tantra | maui tantra sanctuary | intimacy coaching

We can no longer feel or think small for the Universe is calling us forward to step into our immensity of Spirit — now! About Sessions Expanding into the fullness of our true Divine Self through bringing together sex with heart and spirit is our birthright as living beings. Become the erotically awakened, empowered Goddess that you are. With me you will experience freedom, while leaving behind the complex attachments of a more conventional way of relating.

I am always fully present with you, giving you my absolute attention with nothing else going on.

Sophia | jewel tantra sacred sexual | maui, hawaii | deeper intimacy

Stay healthy and youthful, become more beautiful and radiant and cultivate your sexual energy. Tantric massage is a wonderful tool to bring more pleasure and intimacy into your love-making. You learn to receive with an open heart, focused mind, and a relaxed yet energized body. You become free to experience your own sensations in timeless, treasured moments. All classes, workshops, private lessons and retreats are deed to help to create and expand personal fulfillment and tantraa you to cultivate more powerful and loving relationships.

All the various wisdom paths weave and lead to the same thing we all want — the mystery of real peace and love. In this way, your session will reveal itself as it moves along as to where it wants to go.

Tantra is flow, energy, prana, healing… It may encompass sensual energy, but the focus is on deepening awareness, thereby transmuting these energies. Healing women heals the planet.

Private tantra retreat in maui

Where even the skills we do have tend to go out the window! About Me As a dedicated and experienced Tantrika, and a Certified Maji Educator, it is my great passion and my gift to assist you in deepening your experience of each moment whatever that may be for you. It can also be deeply challenging, terrifying, and painful in its birthing. I am the Divine Feminine to serve you, to remind you of all you can be, to love you just as you are and teach you the Sacred Loving Arts.

Expand your heart to have more pleasure, fun, and love in your life!

Let two beautiful Tantric Dakinis guide you moment by moment, breath by breath, wave by wave, into enhanced sensations and extended pleasure. Thank you for respecting these boundaries.

Open your body to deeper levels of sensations, pleasure, and experience of deep surrender. There is no agenda or prescribed format for a session — I simply flow with, and follow the energy that is present for you, for me and between us. information now and tell me about your vision of a perfect Hawaiian retreat!

Ecstatic tantra is a Path that frees us from our outmoded self-imposed emotional shackles to live with more joy and radiant aliveness. I will guide you through Heart Centered Love, Sex and Intimacy coaching, and with experiential Sacred Taantra, to opening to a whole new and powerful level of intimacy and connection with each other.