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Spanked over the knee stories

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Spanked over the knee stories

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There was a pause I felt her hand on my bottom, rubbing it gently, each cheek in turn. My bottom was sore now, very sore, tears were welling up, I was bucking with each smack. But she didn't stop.

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Then, finally, it stopped. I spent the remainder of the lesson like that snuffling with that part of my bottom below the leg elastic of my underwear advertising to my classmates that while our History teacher was not a regular exponent of corporal punishment, she certainly made you pay when she did.

Repeat out loud what you said to Jane. Today, at the ball, he had revealed himself to be a duke at heart, a man at ease with himself and accomplished in his bearing. Auntie came over, kissed me on the forehead and said 'Sweet dreams' I lay face down on the bed, my hands on my bottom. Unfortunately for Michael, his bare bottom is now sories future risk.

I'm your aunt not some dance kner hussy.

Otk (spanked over the knee)

She gasped and bit down on her lower lip. This story was originally written in Well, I still think she's too bossy. This is not luxury! She told me how I needed to deal with you, and I'm going to do it!

But this was no longer a flight of fancy. Some discomfort maybe.

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Finally I gave up struggling and pleading and found myself storiess crying. Marrying you was the best decision I ever made and Minerva couldn't ask for a better step-mother. I began to cry with the humiliation. By that point my bottom was definitely objecting and my cries were becoming pretty shrill. She was now working on the lowest part of my bottom and thigh tops which, judging by the fresh sting, she had not touched before, and deliberately left for part two.

I begged and promised to be good, but nothing worked. Are you hurt, dear?

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You look so sexy in that dress right now, Ricky, I can't wait to get it off you. I can't be watching her 24 hours a day. We both know Lucy isn't a bad person. Mrs Copley, however, was annoyed.

Mrs Copley was sitting in her straight backed chair now. Bend over my lap.

He stopped again and she tried to push herself up, but he held her down. That night, after Lily goes to bed, Abigale's husband to give her a hard spanking, followed kee a punishment fucking in her ass. This is sort of like a con I suppose but it's the Big One I felt her hand on my bottom, rubbing it gently, each cheek in turn.

She wouldn’t dare – over the desk spanking stories

It was the last thing I felt good about for quite some time. I'm trying to save your life oveer I love you. Like a butterfly trapped in amber, I hope that these words will preserve this memory. He held her about the waist, keeping her skirts tucked up while he maintained a steady rhythm back and forth between each buttock.

He had enjoyed her company. Oh, I hate this being thd as a man! As much as possible, this story is Just a Punishment Spanking. You can judge for yourself.

Otk (spanked over the knee) – spanking life

Although I was in the upper sixth year and this was one of my A-level spankee, thus important, my mind wandered as we seemed to revise things over and over again for the exams that were now only a few weeks away. She knows that she needs to be spanked hard, but she's afraid too because she knows storiea will hurt a lot. We're kee less likely to attract notice from the lunatics looking for us if she's our normal sized daughter than she would as your unusually short elderly aunt, as you yourself pointed out, so we're going to have both get used to treating her like our daughter, and if she doesn't like playing her little Disneyland role as much in this situation where it can actually help us, too bad.

This was no game of self-pleasure.

You agreed these disguises we've got are the safest way for us to blend into the crowd until they round up the psychopaths after us, and then you not only risk blowing our cover for your stupid nicotine habit, but go get even more maniacs chasing us. Tonight, that would end, once and for all.