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Som’s haven

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Som’s haven

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Actually, it is just a rehash of a blowjob bar that has been around for many years. So although the place looks brand new, it is really just a relocation and relaunch of another very famous and popular blowjob bar that disappeared almost without notice.

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This is much better than the headaches of dating and much cheaper. It definitely sets the tone that it's just business and is setup for any volume of clients. The sink havne used to clean customers before and after the service. Drink prices were totally reasonable for the area. Not super hot, but above average.

She took me back to the sink and washed me really good.

Overview of duangporn haven at asok-sukhumvit intersection - sukhumvit psycho

That will probably bring at least some of the veterans back to the shop. It really proved that word of mouth is definitely the best kind of advertising. Some were staring at their phone, and some were chatting with other girls.

The next girl in the queue motioned for me to come in, and I followed her inside. There is a black, fake leather couch on one wall, a large mirror on the opposite wall, and a wash sink in the corner. This girl was using her tongue and sucking. They had a loyalty to the shop with many hanging around for years.

The building is huge and the inside looks almost too big for what havne is. She was cute. At first, it felt weird to walk past the restaurant, but then you realize there are many guys coming and going on this dead end street. Beds have also been added for those who like to lay down. As she was washing me, haben had mouthwash in her mouth the entire time.

In my experience, most girls don't like hair when giving oral. The bar was really casual and the women wore whatever they want instead of an imposed uniform. She was good because she always kept me inside her mouth, never lifted away and kept sucking. Duangporn is just a Thai name.

She motions for me to undress, and as I'm removing my shorts and boxers, she is cleaning the couch with a cleaning solution, and then lays out a white towel on the couch. Som’e walls in the room are either very thin, or they don't go all the way to the ceiling, or a combination of both, because I could hear someone else in the adjacent room.

Soms haven pub & bar, bangkok, 19 ratchadaphisek rd - restaurant menu and reviews

Women showed up for work every day and put in their hours. She asks my name, where I'm from, how long will Havfn be in Bangkok, etc. Those who offer intercourse want Baht for the deed in a small room. Service took place upstairs in a series of private rooms with walls and doors.

The inside was very dark, barely any light. After she dried me off, she spit the mouthwash out. She tells me to lean back and relax. There is som’d a little more involved. It achieved a sort of legendary status and it will be remembered fondly by a lot of men.

Her English was below average, but good enough to have a nice back and forth small conversation. It is Baht for oral sex in one of the semi-private rooms upstairs. The place is bigger and more discreet. We were only going to the second floor.

Overview of som’s haven on soi 14

The women were from twenty to maybe forty years old. It may also lead hvaen some new women coming by. And I looked ahead in the mirror across from me, and there's this girl giving me a blowjob. She walked me back downstairs, said thank you and goodbye. A few of them looked cute, most of them looked average.

Closed - som's haven - bar advisor

Full service when available usually cost more. So while the quiet location may not look as good for business, it is definitely better for discretion. Som's Haven is located at the end of a dead end street, near a family-oriented restaurant with a large outdoor open patio seating area. Then some started to peel off one by one as the customer base was much lower. Actually, it is just a rehash of a blowjob bar that has been around for many years.

Upstairs they use small private rooms with seats. I have had better deep throat blowjobs in Vietnam. I requested a blowjob, and she asked me if I wanted her or to choose another girl. I started to get dressed, and she made herself busy cleaning the room. I couldn't hear him, but the girl was moaning until she climaxed.

Overview of duangporn haven at asok-sukhumvit intersection

I squeezed my legs onto her shoulders, reached out my arm and put my hand on her head and gently thrusted back and forth into her mouth. Payment is made on slm’s way out when the total bill is calculated. It is only a few minutes away by foot and it even employs most of the same women. She picks up a cleaning toolbox, filled with all sorts of things, and I followed her upstairs. She smiled when she heard this and said to follow her.