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Sapphire seattle

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Sapphire seattle

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The club is in an industrial area just outside of Seattle, the entrance is a hallway that le into a room that holds the check in counter as well as the coat check. When we arrived the staff behind the desk asked us if it was our first time there, we said yes and they had us go into a little room off to the side.

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Do not make any attempt to out anyone.

Since some of our special events take place in hotels or resorts, it is important to respect their rules; such as where clothing is optional and where sexual activity is permitted. The bigger play areas got really packed really fast!

Lots of bunk bed style of bedding. There was a woman doing aapphire performance of sorts with a baton on the dance floor. Dress kilts are acceptable. Plenty of FREE parking for everyone!

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We had a blast and everyone was super friendly. There is also a living room type area where single men have to wait and be invited back by a couple. Practice safe sex!

If you have any questions, please. One of us will reach out and confirm the study's validity.

Edit: I do want to add that there was a variety of people when it comes to ages and sizes but not to ethnicities. Respect each other. Ladies: Cocktail or evening dresses, dress slacks or classy lingerie is a sexy way to start your evening.

Play rooms with our large group rooms to party the night away or find an intimate play space for that special someone. No hats or casual clothing that is dirty or worn. A light buffet of appetizers is served throughout the evening.

Lockers, showers and towels to make your steamy night even better! As the night went on, you could very easily tell who the new people were since you can see them taking the tour. Play Areas: There are no open drinks allowed in the play room areas.

I went to go get another drink I had a couple come up to me to tell me how much they enjoyed watching me dance. Absolutely no illegal drugs, over indulgence of alcohol or fighting are ever allowed. Aapphire club is in an industrial area just outside of Seattle, the entrance is a hallway that le into a room that holds the check in counter as well as the coat check.

Club sapphire - club sapphire - where the people make the party

We made our way to an area next to the dance floor and hung out. No Titillating Stories Stories are great, if they're for the purpose of generating discussions or generating questions.

Single Gentleman orientations are held on Wednesdays at 7 pm and required to purchase the Wed event in order to attend orientaiton. Club Attire Club Sapphire is a classy place with the sexiest members around.

Verbal consent is important! Also there was a free water dispenser, which I think should be at every club!


Not sure if they have performances on the regular or if it was a special occasion since it was their anniversary. Hope you enjoyed my review!

However, stories—fictional or otherwise—should not be posted here. This would be great for people who are just dipping their toes in the lifestyle. Everyone is required to fill out a membership application and agree to the terms and conditions including our privacy policy.

When we made our sattle into the room I actually got kicked in the head a couple of times since the place was so tight. I appreciated the video but it was just a tad too long, in my opinion. Event Guidelines Over the years our guests have found that these simple guidelines make parties enjoyable, safe and fun for everyone.

Sapphire homes nw

No firearms or weapons of any kind allowed on our premises. Violation will result in immediate expulsion and termination of membership. Let me know anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer! Orientations and Tours Orientations run from 7 pm until midnight during each event. How to Make an Orientation Reservation After your have submitted an application, confirmed your and selected a Username, you can select an event, click on Reserve Now and then reserve a spot for Orientation See pictures of the club now, in our Gallery!

Sexttle, we were given a tour of the club.

Sapphire homes nw | seattle area and eastside homebuilder

Check our calendar for a list of our Guest DJ's. Only bottles of water with a cap on. However, studies must be vetted.

BYOB, we do not sell alcohol. We provide cups, ice and basic mixers as well as soda.

There is about six rooms, some of them have actual doors and the two bigger areas have almost sheer curtains and no doors. See Single Gents guidelines. This keeps the sub focused on discussion. Re-energize with our Midnight Snack.