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My best friend fucks my wife

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My best friend fucks my wife

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I orgasmed with each inch I took. My name is Amy, and this was the craziest night of my life. James is smiling down at me while thrusting his big cock and in and out of me, and it feels amazing, so fulfilling, so thick.

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This was going to be a quick power fuck, and I was fine with that. What are you doing, anyway?

Rather, it looked like it was being pulled from behind. My mh for James was proving to be more important than my devotion to my husband. My reaction told him I never came like that with my husband.

He started to notice I was paying a lot of attention to him, although I was hardly doing a good job of being discreet about it. There was a lot of laughter from Amy, too, particularly when James said something unintelligible mg her. James was a physical, hands-on kind of guy, the total opposite of my husband. But the text James had sent my wife, in response to the picture she sent him, fuks me.

And then the unthinkable happened. I told him about my orgasms thinking about his big dick, my fantasies of him slapping my husband around right in front of me, even the firm handshake difference.

No, really, what were you doing? He looked embarrassed and apologized to James. James and I started to talk more when the three of us were out with other friends. The plan was simple: get James to climb into my window even though I was on the fuc,s floor, our windows were several feet above groundget into my apartment and let me in from the inside.

He ripped my skirt off aggressively with one hand without even breaking a sweat, like he was ripping a paper towel. As his eyes opened, all he could see was James smirking down at him and giving him a thumbs-up after adjusting his zipper and pulling his t-shirt down. In fact, when he would catch me checking him out, he returned my look with that smirk of a smile he had.

My husband asked if I was okay, seeing my legs wobble. I got wet when my husband told me that.

Watching my wife fuck my best friends

When I told him how full I felt, his reply made me cum. My husband was shit-faced, making a fool of himself with asinine jokes and comments. Neither one of us looked in the backseat to see if the drunk was watching. He smiled an evil grin when I started caressing his crotch as he drove.

My best friend fucked my wife -

When we did have bext, my eyes would be triend, imagining Big James on top of me instead of my little husband. My name is Amy, and this was the craziest night of my life. James was in shock. The idea of my husband being inferior to such an alpha male — who was his friend, no less — was always the last thought I had upon reaching an orgasm when masturbating. James smiled victoriously at how wet he was making me.

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I fist-bumped James and walked away, turning to wait for Amy, who gave James a kiss on the cheek. Hearing my husband snore, I told James all the feelings I had for him. James was grinning as I came all over his thick cock, a grin that got wider with each orgasm he gave me. At that exact moment, both shifted forward in what I can only describe as a hard thrust. I was in shock. James looked pissed. As James got to his feet, pulled his jeans up and buckled his pants, my husband started to awaken from his drunken sleep.

My best friend fucks my wife

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It was obvious that my wife was wet for me, and the copious amounts of thick white cream in her wet hot pussy told me she was frisnd but ready to cum.

Her wet bare pussy was covered up with my face, so there was no nudity in the image. I hugged James and apologized for the evening, but James cut me off with a kiss. With my head back, Bezt adjusted himself, and just like that, his beer-can girth of a cock was trying to find its way inside me.

I ended up waiting for a good twenty minutes, hearing bedsprings bouncing, headboards smashing the walls, as well as both my friend frisnd my wife shouting profanities. I would get wet each time I visualized James bullying my husband around, to the point where I was squirting thinking about James fucking me right in front of the man I was married to.

When Amy finally came down, she looked like a hot mess. James and I were covering up our mouths to stop ourselves from laughing loud enough to wake my husband. She pushed my head down so I could see her pussy upclose, which seemed slippery.

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