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Manplay 20

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Manplay 20

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From ManNet Wow, is this series 20 already? How time flies. Like every other installment of the all-sex "ManPlay" series, this one seems to be on a fever pitch from the get-go, and the mostly unknown cast proves to be as watchable as any group of seasoned porn stars. This time, maybe just because of the unique group dynamic, the emphasis janplay to be on lots and lots of oral play, predominantly cocksucking, but also some amazingly nasty and fervent rimming. Fucking plays a role, too, of course, but it isn't the main event here. The cast includes Randy, a bearded, dark-skinned dude with a huge cock that practically everyone in the cast can't wait to get his mouth on and they do, at one time of another ; Colby, a milky-complected, beefy young hunk who is a bottom of the first manplat Eryk, a smoothly lean studpup who has a dick of death; and hairy-chested J.

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A different way home - a one man play by jimmie chinn

Ivan's pierced tits and earlobe-stretchers set off his full-arm multi-colored tattoos perfectly, and he's a satyr when it comes to fucking, there's just no stopping him. Eyebrow-pierced Slater, hunky Jeff, hairy stud Sean, furry daddy David, tribal-tattooed Ivan, buff-bodied Brandon, and hot bear cub Ken round out the team.

Manplayy just turn 'em loose, let 'em play, and deliver the party to you almost exactly as it happened. He's been around, made some movies.

But cock-hound Brandon also likes to get his ass reamed, and in a quick switch, he impales himself on Jeff's extra wide manrammer, and then turns up his all-American ass to long-dicked Ivan for a hearty plugging that makes him blow in an agonized explosion. There's only one place where reality keeps getting better, and that's Manpla best selling ManPlay series of reality sex.

Eryk's got a cock long enough for pole vaulting - if it weren't so damn stiff. Any resemblance to actual persons, living, dead or otherwise, is purely coincidental.

The range of ages and body types make for some really thrilling action. Hairy muscle daddy David is a real thrill, mostly because of his sexual voracity and versatility, and the segment where he gets on his back to receive young stud pup Eryk's long, thick cock majplay one of the best in the entire production. Camerawork is expert throughout, flowing from long shots to tight close-ups smoothly. Never without a cockring.

Profesor kuzman mlajši - one-man play () | izola

Eryk - Long and slender dude with long and not at all slender cock. They suck it, sit on it, and get banged on their backs.

DVD features: Chapters; cum-shots chapter; deleted sequences; trailers; and no regional coding playable worldwide. Watching every stud go after Randy's mammoth organ is manplqy involving, if only to figure out who is going to dive on it next; as for Randy, he practically wallows in all the attention he gets, as well he should. He's got a cockring.

Manplay 20 (video ) - imdb

The cast in ManPlay 20 is diverse in body type, age, and ethnicity, and the combinations that happen tend to be thrilling every time. Two bonus dvd scenes are considerable, extending the total viewing time by almost an hour. Brandon sinks his brittle meat into Jeff's furry hole with slow strokes. But sex comes first every night of the week. Ken swirls his tongue so swiftly around the glistening knob atop Randy's pole that the solidly muscled stud suddenly shoots a thick white load.

Manplay 20

Put on some bulk, and gotten inked - wait'll you see the de flared across his back. David's versatility is also an asset, and he is just as much fun to watch as a top as he is when he's bottoming. Sean - Furry chested, salt 'n pepper stubble.

Slater - Rough stuff, with pierced eyebrow and sideburns. Colby's counterpart, the stud mznplay stands out as a fine, accomplished top, is Ivan, a young stud with a prodigious endowment that prongs every bottom in the cast. A DVD Review by Martin Cox references none available Note: All names credited on this website, whether for performance or production should be considered fictional stage names.

And the only beard in the bunch. Colby - A husky young rocker type. In terms of bottoming expertise and vigor, at least with this group, full-bodied stud Colby has no equal.

Manplay 20 | titan media | gay xxx porn dvd

Jeff - Smooth, stocky and handsome with a cockring. Fucking plays a role, too, of course, but it isn't the main event here. His fat wang makes a return visit to Colby's hot hole and Brandon pushes his pretty muscle rump into the air so Ivan can lube it up for a final depth charge cock-probe that's so sizzling everyone gathers round for a mxnplay blast off on lucky Ivan that leaves him happy and drenched with cum!

Part Two Another five-way takes shape - there's Brandon, Jeff, Ivan, and Ken, who's sinking his tongue deep in Colby's roomy crack and fucking the husky boy 'til the jizz squirts from his chunky cock. Randy - Solidly built and superbly hung with a smoothly wrapped, dark foreskin.

Ivan - Black hair, 220 stretches in his ears, and full color, full sleeve tats. For this latest edition of the popular series, we've brought you the biggest cast having the longest party yet - eleven sexy studs going at it for two and half hours!

Whether he's on his back getting plowed with his ample, pillowy rump an absolute turn-on, especially when he's coupling missionary-style with Ken or sucking cock, Colby just goes for it every time he's center stage. Mabplay is the case with "ManPlay" flicks, the highlights of this one are the group scenes, and the expert production job captures the action from multiple angles, with perfect lighting enhancing the viewing.

Creamy skinned, beefy Colby is another one to watch, partly because of the way his meaty ass jiggles invitingly when his cast mates are plowing him. This time, manplaj just because of the unique group dynamic, the emphasis seems to be on lots and lots of oral play, predominantly cocksucking, but also some amazingly nasty and fervent rimming.

Live sound is so perfectly captured that even manplau slightest sound is audible, which is especially erotic when the studs go down on each other as slurps and gags are the order of the day. Ivan pumps Colby's plump butt 'til the cum breaks loose, while bunghole buddies Ken and Jeff have a torrid flip-flop fuck.

JC - Nice tawny color, a hairy chest and several days of stubble. But Randy doesn't play the trade role, far manolay it -- he gobbles down dicks, too, and he even gets fucked at one point. There was so much hot footage that for the first time we've even included two memorable scenes as bonus content - they were just too good to let go.