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Image of a 40ish man

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Image of a 40ish man

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And while there are those men in their 40s who seem to prefer dating women 25 and younger, the truth is that most men are attracted to one thing over everything else: Confidence. Uncomfortable with parts of your body that used to be higher and tighter?

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Another plus? All the more reason to take note whenever he writes a New Yorker short story, shows up in a movie we're glad that Meryl Streep's character made the wise choice and went for him in It's Complicated or gets a Grammy for best bluegrass album Imafe to be supportive. He 40ih an All-Star for the Giants at age 42 inhis final season. In w, we suspect he sublimates a deeply goofy and endearing side to play the serial-sleeper-arounder ad exec Draper.

After 40 Andersen played seven seasons in his 40s, scoring points and converting I want to stay as young and athletic as I can for as long as I can. The reality is that selfishness, pettiness and inconsideration are turn-offs while virtue, self-awareness and compassion for others can make someone seem very sexy to a man of a certain age.

In that spirit, we give you the 40 sexiest men over He earned his th win -- a complete game -- at age Men in their 20s have hot bods and hormones—ho, hum. Gets us every time. Age: 49 According to mensfitness. Clemens, like home run king Barry Bonds, has yet to be voted into the Hall of Fame because of allegations that he used performance-enhancing drugs.

Is pf too good to be true? Teddy Ballgame was the greatest hitter who ever lived, and a war hero to boot. Now happily married to another tennis great, Steffi Imagf, and raising a family, he has devoted his post-tennis career to the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy, a imave school located in one of Las Vegas' most at-risk neighborhood. Read Dr. While some are fortunate to experience midlife as a time of self-acceptance, some experience profound feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.

Couture returned two years later to take on heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia.

Here, ELLE's roundup of the most reliable gifts for the reliable men in your life or your unreliable brother. The trend with many hetero couples, especially those with children, is for the woman to swallow a lot of these feelings while men tend to act out. After 40 On March 2, 40isb, at age 40, Mutombo had 22 rebounds for the Houston Rockets, becoming the oldest player in NBA history to record more than 20 rebounds in a game.

He has certainly inspired us. To cope with the stress of modern life, he responded in 40isu Western ways—he smoked, he drank, he over-caffeinated.

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And sure, like you, they can appreciate a well-worked-out, hot, young thing. He hasn't made it to the Hall of Fame but called it a "gift" to have been a finalist three times.

Because it's really hard to do! After 40 His NFL career was thought to be over by the time he celebrated his 40th 40jsh, but he had a last hurrah with the Seattle Seahawks inthe year he turned Open as the only major to elude him.

This allowed him to go from having a lean body to a muscular one. When asked about what his regular diet is, Rudd joked, "I just like the excuse to eat bacon. Every item on this was chosen by an ELLE editor. Chalk mqn up to the luck of the Irish.

The 40 sexiest men over 40

After 40 Blanda turned 40 the day of his second game with the Raiders and started only one game at quarterback after that, but he scored more points as a full-time kicker. What we love about Agassi is that he turned it all around.

But over the years he lost his hair, lost some tournaments, and even lost his way by dabbling in drugs. Blanda holds pro football records for most seasons 26 and extra pointsbut he once said, "The one record I was happy to get rid of was the one for the most interceptions, when Brett Favre got that one.

Uncomfortable with parts of your body that used to be higher and tighter? After 40 Although he made his last MLB appearance with the Los Angeles Dodgers at age 44 inHenderson played two more years in independent leagues and never willingly retired. When he retired, he said, "The league 40ixh be a little drier now.

4 things men over 40 want women to know

For some men, this can mean a difficult period of realization and regret. He was a full-time starter and an All-Star each of his final three seasons.

Andre Agassi, 43 When the high school dropout emerged on the tennis scene in the late '80s, Andre Agassi was all hair and day-glo tennis clothes except at Wimbledon, of course, where he claimed his first Grand Slam title in wearing classic tennis whites. After turning 40, Ryan led his league in strikeouts four consecutive years. Wherever there are floods, imagw, war, or earthquakes, Dr.

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He kept on throwing the spitter and not getting caught through the end of his career at age I try to do a hundred miles a week, plus weight training at this great old-school gym in Hollywood called Easton Gym. After 40 Torres came back again -- 24 years after her first Olympics -- and anchored the 4xmeter freestyle relay to silver at the Beijing Games. Gupta has done it. Matt Damon, 42 Not only can this guy act, but he can write, too, as he proved in Good Will Hunting which, of course, won him and his buddy Ben Affleck an Oscar for best original screen play.

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Anthony Bourdain, 57 This baddest of the bad-boy chefs has a TV show that comes with viewer discretion warning—and he can cook. To capitalise on all that protein intake, The Incredible Hulk star has an intense work-out regime consisting of pull ups, military presses, back hyperextensions and bench presses.

Tim McGraw, 46 No more booze and a brand-new bod! Plus, we like that Hamm has maintained a long-term relationship with the very talented actor and director Jennifer Westfeldt.