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If you love two person at the same time choose the second one

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If you love two person at the same time choose the second one

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What do I do if I love 2 people at once? I want to help you feel better and be able to enjoy life.

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Can you really be in love with two people at the same time?

If finding love was so easy, if it was so perfect, why would peson be held with such great honor even in religious texts. You have to be true to yourself! Do they encourage you? If that is the case, why the dilemma? Is your "love" for both romantic?

This can become quite stressful and sometimes can make you feel negative about yourself. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen chosoe the second one. You may even be polyamorous, and that is completely okay as long as everyone involved knows of the situation c: Did you find this post helpful? You never should want to lead two people on because it's not fair to them.

What do i do if i love 2 people at once?

If I was in that situation I would try and reflect on ohe and how I am feeling. Is there peace and satisfaction in the whole thing? It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

If it doesn't work out and option two is available, go after him or her! Everything persoh do in the dark comes to the light. Either way you can't lead on both because you will break both hearts in the end.

Then came a new person who rekindled the fire again, who took your mind off the responsibilities and expectations, who took you to a different ride altogether! William Jankowiak, an anthropologist at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, studied polygynous cultures, only to come to a conclusion that even there, where a man is supposed to love all his wives equally at the same time, there was always this one wife who surpassed the rest. If you are hiding or lying to one or more, that isn't love.

Your perception of handling two lovers at the same time depends mainly upon your definition of love. Is it a mere warm, trance-like feeling that you experience when in the arms of that one person?

In the end either your choosing one or you ending both. Non-monogamy, like monogamous relationships, only work if everybody is honest and communicates. In conclusion … Ask those who claim to handle two lovers at the same time! Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Or is it that you have a strong infatuation towards this new lover, or perhaps you have run out of love with your current lover?

You felt as if you are young, attractive, desirable again, and the world has become more appealing. Love is a natural, inherent part of our nature. Alas, reality is so far from all these portrayals! Xame it simply because you have feelings for both people? Share it! You will find absolutely anything and everything in love, except for logic. Nobody questions this, because love hhe whatever space it happens to be in.

It is how you express that love that loge an issue, especially if you've promised yourself to one.

Quote by johnny depp: “if you love two people at the same time, choose”

I want to help you feel better and be able to enjoy life. Both of them are irreplaceable in your lives, and you need them both to feel complete. If you're sure that the feelings you have are motivated by love, I'd invite seconc to do some reading on polyamory and open relationships.

It is hard to know that you love another person, perhaps even moreso than the one to whom you are pair-bonded, but it just as important to show that person that you are loyal, respectful, and honorable of your commitments. Why do you think you can love two people at once? Dont lead them on. Would you like to write for us?

Truly said, Johnny Depp! You must hear your heart out to see if who really means more to you. People get married and divorced, and spouses die. Keeping one's promises, one's priorities, and being loyal are important, but these things swcond not have to be mutually exclusive to love.

What does this actually imply? It would be just lust.

Can you really be in love with two people at the same time? - love bondings

Be loving, open and honest and things will unfold perfectly. Being honest with your various loved ones about their mutual involvement in your life if critical. You don't need a break from love. Therefore, thinking that you can love more than one man or woman simultaneously is nothing more than a cover-up to hide your cheating. Nobody questions this, because it's understood that love fills whatever space it happens to be in.

What do i do if i love 2 people at once? (breakups) | 7 cups

I feel we have the capacity to love many at one time. If you think about it, if one person satisfied all the criteria you have included in your definition of love, you would never have fallen for the other one. That's up to you.