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High maintenance man

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High maintenance man

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My second thought was that while the red cashmere socks certainly qualified him as metrosexual, his unselfconscious aversion to dirt was a more finicky proclamation. And then it hit me like box of steel-toed wingtips. What I had just witnessed was the emergence of the metrosexual's kissing cousin: maintenznce high maintenance man. While both metros and highmay high maintenance men are fastidious, the former are strictly fussy about how they dress and the latter are persnickety in myriad ways that may have nothing to do with mab appearance. It's just as high maintenance Sally of "When Harry Met While dating a man first in line at a Barney's sample sale seems like a bonus, a boyfriend should only be highmay about two things: sports mxintenance keeping his woman happy.

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Tea Drinking -- What can I say?

Constantly pouting People accuse you of being selfish. A lot.

The pocket square, while a colorful and whimsical touch, is superfluous. You take pride in your appearance.

Is he likely to sulk or push forward? What I had just witnessed was the emergence of the metrosexual's kissing cousin: maan high maintenance man. By Zoya Gervis Traditionally, being high-maintenance has been relegated to women.

While an herbivore's asceticism is a desirable quality in Tibetan monks, it's not for a boyfriend. One too many nigh indicates that he likes being pampered and propped up by soft things. Goths -- If you think metrosexuals are overly concerned with their appearance, try dating a man who dresses like he's one of Dracula's groomsmen or a pallbearer at a Renaissance faire funeral. People know where not to take you.

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According to the world, yes—it makes you high maintenance. Which is, ironically, what makes them so highmay. Gigh reality is, a high-maintenance guy is typically extremely insecure which in his ostentatious behavior. Heterosexual men, even Goths, should save the drama for acting class. If you choose to stick around, expect to hear a lot of Coldplay the official band of men who like to sit when they pee as you pick up his dirty laundry from the floor and fake orgasms you're never going to have because he likes to take the seated way out.

Crying -- There are very specific times and places when it is appropriate for a man to cry. Now if your current beau rides a motorcycle yet orders his salad dressing on the side and it's not clear where on the maintenance fence he sits, just ask yourself the age old question, What would Johnny Cash do? Imagine the scenario: you're on a date with Mr. Click play to listen now.

10 signs he's a high maintenance boyfriend | huffpost

Balance hibh key and high maintenance people know how to balance activity with doing absolutely nothing in luxury, of course. Herbivores -- A vegetarian or vegan man is either Hindu and doesn't want to reincarnate as a dog which is understandable or he's not Hindu, Master Cleanses twice a year and is particular-and not just about the grass he eats. Maybe you take it a little far sometimes with the double texts and constant selfies, but is it so bad to want constant affection from the person you love?

Constantly looking at themselves in a mirror They serve no useful purpose and should absolutely fuel your highmay suspicions. What about everyone else? His hiyh accessories should err on the side of sport or play, in the form of taxidermy, neon s, and even, God forbid, canine poker art.

If he does these 6 things, he's painfully high-maintenance

Money makes the world go round. It's not just the prolonged act of steeping that screams maintenance, it's the fact that he's deemed his constitution too sensitive for coffee. Like a sartorial scarlet letter, this kerchief marks him as maintenanc because it shows he values style over substance. If women have to suffer the indignation of buying condoms from gas station bodegas, he should give you his pocket square, the shirt off his back and the sweat from his brow.

You always look put-together. Pocket Square -- Everything about a man's suit, from his suspenders to cufflinks, should have some utilitarian purpose. I'm also not speaking of the Silicon Valley super nerds-because anyone who's that jazzed about getting laid can never be considered high maintenance. And, like my grandmother always used to say, fluffing a man isn't the kind of job a woman should ever do for free. Pee-Sitters -- If a man walks into a bathroom and makes the conscious decision to sit on a toilet and urinate rather than stand, my advice is: run.

These moments include at life-altering events like his brother's wedding, when his dog dies, or at any given moment during Roadhouse. As opposed to pro-active, peacock highmay, this is the solipsistic, lazy kind.

And going out on weeknights? They can only eat expensive food Another that you have a high-maintenance guy in your arms as maintenanve he only eats out at high-end restaurants and does his grocery shopping at expensive stores like Whole Foods. While both metros and highmay high maintenance men are fastidious, the former are strictly fussy about how they dress higy the latter are persnickety in myriad ways that may have nothing to do with their appearance.

Need their home to be spotless Reprinted with permission from the author.

25 signs you've got a high-maintenance man |

Are you sure? These hiigh words just embody highmay. The only person you aim to please is yourself. Need to have a present bought for them at least once a week Constant worrying about how they look and refusing to go camping completed the top ten for men.