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Girlfriends sex stories

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Girlfriends sex stories

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I decided to dress up as hot as possible and went to this party ready to enjoy myself and forget about my domestic life. I wore my long black fitted dress and black shoes. It was a fancy dress party so I also wore some accessories that would give me a Cruella de Vill look. I had straighten my hair and put make up on.

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It turned me on so much seeing her in them and she loved it too, some of our best sex was when she was in sexy pantyhose. I touched myself but did feel pangs of jealousy because she was having so much fun with him.

After taking the shower I came out and see that she was siting on the chair. This made me suck his tongue harder.


I got up and got dressed, Sean did the same and we left the toilet. That night I went back home, not feeling guilty but excited thinking whether Sean and I would have a second round…soon. I came right in that moment, it was so explosive and intense, I could not remember an orgasm feeling this intense in a long time. We carried on dancing for a bit and then we both went different ways to talk to different people. I put my tounge in her cunt which was very hot and wet. She then smiled at me and told me I was going to love every second of this.

He was probably too drunk to realise what he was doing.

He moved his mouth to her nipple and began sucking which made her moan more. Pretty soon I was pretty affected by the alcohol, laughing and sexy dancing with my colleagues. Sean, the sexy host of the party came to talk to me. Hum bahoth sare sex postions try kiye. Sankeeta bend downon her knees and my cock in her mouth. Her beautiful boobs were giving sexual appeal closed the door and give her a long kiss on her lips I feel her boobs on my chest it was already very hot.

By misspinkysingh On Tags: boyfriendchodachudai Apni ek sacchi chudai ka anubhav bata rahi hu kaise main boyfriend ke ghar jakar chudi.

Girlfriend boyfriend ki chudai archives – crazy sex story

Suddenly I realised what I was doing and I stopped. I will visit on Monday at 11 O clock. Shhhh… Shhh a man said. He then penetrated me, hard. I pick her to the bed and kiss her on her lips she also resppond. She put off my jeans cock fully esposed to her and fully erected. I rubbed my own hands across her legs and felt that smooth material, she slowly began parting her legs, before guiding my hand down to her pussy.

I put 1 inch out of her and shove my cock with all power I have. I opened my mouth to talk and he moved his, to kiss me.

Girlfriends - sex stories

I was a little jealous seeing them make out, she was giving it her all and he was moving his hands down her body. I wore my long black fitted dress and black shoes. I told her that I will give the surprise on monday which I promise. She is 18 year and lives in my neighborhood. I took my dress off and sat on his cock, feeling how it filled each part of my vagina.

I started moving, I rode him hard, moving expertly in circles and up and down. I putt of her jeans now she was fully naked.

I am I nodded at her and told her to ask him and she did, no awkwardness, she just asked him to come and sit down next to us. I pulled out of her and she climbed on top of my friend, pulling at her pantyhose so that she could straddle him. My dick come out of her by 4 inches and then shove in her fastly and heating the cervix and cunt lips simultaneously. Her skin is like a silk.

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I loved hearing him. I push tsories head towards me now my cock was touching her throut with in a second my cock fill her full of cum. I had never done anything like this before and I knew it would be awkward if my friend said no. He sucked my nipples with hunger whilst pushing me deep inside. It was a girlrfiends dress party so I also wore some accessories that would give me a Cruella de Vill look. He knew I had a boyfriend, he knew Matt!

He carried on fucking me whilst standing against the door, each thrust would make me moan and dig my nails into his strong back. I was now shoving my cock in her furiously. She start sucking every bed cum on my cock.

It was Sean. He looked girlffriends little awkward as he came over but if I knew my friend then I knew he would have had a raging boner and I knew he wanted to fuck her, I knew the minute they both met.


By this time I was jealous, he had cum and I was rock hard. I was totally girlfridnds. I kept my thrusts slow and steady before slowing gaining pace. It was really turning me on.