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First time full swap

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First time full swap

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I guess the truth was that we had no particular destination in mind, and that was probably a good thing. We simply put one foot in front of the other — together — just to see where the path would take us.

Age: 52
Relationship Status: Actively looking
Seeking: I Searching Man
City: Skyland, Lubec
Hair: Pink
Relation Type: $Ub Male Looking For Domme Female

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I hate leaving dishes until the morning. She started to stroke, then suck, my erect penis. Non-monogamous relationships are worth exploring!

I edged over slightly to encourage her to move her hand closer to my swelling cock, and by the time she touched it, I was fully hard. Share this:.

A few minutes later, Brandon came down. We wrote back to them and set up dinner for a few days later.

Due to miscommunication we ended up going bareback. As I lit the last one Fiirst appeared and said something about you and Nadia having your first kiss downstairs. We sent them a text from the car, and they jumped at the invite to dinner and a potential sleep-over that weekend.

If so, why? The psycho-chemical forces at war with my libido were undaunted by the hot scene playing out in front of me.

We were hoping to kind of fall into a foursome, maybe on vacation or at a sex club. I was shocked that there was no pain, no jealousy, no hard feelings…I was just absolutely fascinated to watch him having sex with another woman. HIM: What can I say? What precautions did you take to prevent STIs and pregnancy?

Wife swapping for first time

Has this hookup changed the way you think about casual sex, sexuality, or yourself in general? It was a lot of fun, very sensual, and a very liberating experience.

It looked pretty big from where I was lying, so Forst assumed everything was going well. Brandon got it up without too much delay as I went down on him. How do you feel about them now? She went back to sucking my cock, which I was enjoying greatly, when I heard your footsteps on the stairs.

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Nadia and I remained a long time in our friendly cuddle, and we were lying side-by-side on our backs when Brandon left. It certainly seemed like the main part of the event was over. How did it end? Then she came in slowly for a full kiss before drawing back again dramatically. We had connected on one of the more popular swinging hook-up websites, hit it off and decided to meet.

Wife swapping for first time, free ipad tube porn video 01

Sexual liberation! When she took my cock into her mouth, it was half erect. HER: He entered me from behind, which is my usual orgasm position. For your partner? I was hesitant to take my lingerie off before you got there, but you were sswap a long time and he eventually removed my bra.

First time full swap experience - the casual sex project

HER: Seap had actually run upstairs to light some candles in the bedroom as I sensed the dinner conversation was wrapping up. Yes, I want to be the rock-hard stud who can satisfy a village full of lusty women, but I was aware of the possibility that this particular woman might have found the closeness we were sharing now the most fulfilling part.

His partner had some fifst wish I had asked her! It was actually pretty hot. We had an ongoing sexual relationship with this couple for a couple of months after, and it was fantastic!

I was more focused on the sensual enjoyment of the experience. We had exchanged photos and everyone was interested. It did raise some questions, though, about exactly how my arousal response is programmed. HIM: The day of their visit, I had been feeling very relaxed.

First time full swap experience

High five, hubby! While Ifrst had been hard during our soft-swap experiments, apparently the prospect of a full-swap was proving too much for my system to handle. HER: On the way home, you and I talked about whether we felt enough of a connection to see them again.

That was my first experience watching you fuck another woman. D the husband was a guy with an average build, somewhat less muscular and slighter than my husband, dark hair, dark eyes, generally attractive guy. They were both passionate about the work they did, which is sexy in itself to people like us. Not at all negative Anything else you want to add about this hookup or anything else?

Right away we liked their artsy, outdoorsy pictures.