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Edm girls nude

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ShannonBrennan7 Edc bra finished! Reid noticed a shift in rave fashion around orwhen concert promoters started advertising "pajama" or "lingerie" parties to lure people to raves, which drew a lot of kids out in their underwear. At the time, raves were experiencing a bit of a lull, but the pajama parties really took off.

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Then they let me go back in and I started crowd surfing. The manager finally pulls her off, and scoops her up like an adult baby to carry her off stage. Nuve doing it because they want to — they're super comfortable walking around like that, they're not overly self-conscious, they're really free. It's called Free the Nipple. Personally I don't know what the movement is about.

Acts virls Borgore, whose tracks include " Act Like a Ho " and " Nympho ," are known for sexually charged music. So many people are trying to get me to do that, I just said they had to buy a ticket for a raffle. All the recent exposure has made me super confident and egotistical. Immediately, the video started blowing up online—a version posted to the Stanton Warriors' Facebook has racked up more than 8 million views, and there are at least seven different uplo on YouTube.

These security guys didn't have the decency—they banned me from the venue. But the cops were like, "What are you doing naked? People are so concerned with so many materialistic things.

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One of my friends was like, "Have you seen this video? That was a joke!

No one's ever gotten a finger in there! But it was so liberating.

I have thousands of unread messages. I want to make the most out of my situation. While most people would consider being naked in front of hundreds of screaming ravers somewhere between "a mortifying reminder to go to the gym more" and "a hellish nightmare never to be recovered from," Platt never displayed nuude a pinch of shame.

What does the FreetheNipple movement mean to you? It's fucking absurd but people believe it.

She hops around with her hands raised in rage-tastic glory for a few seconds before the group's manager darts out to grab her. If I can help change that mind-set, that would be awesome.

Edk I started working out and lost weight. A lot of guys, a lot. Reid noticed a shift in rave fashion around orwhen concert promoters started advertising "pajama" or "lingerie" parties to lure people to raves, which drew a lot of kids out in their underwear. No one has ever called to ask me anything. I want to make merchandise and kandi bracelets to get the word out there. Flow, I wanted to hug him so badly, enjoy myself, and not make a big deal of it. Today, she posted a video of her re-creating the Keys n Krates incident in a living room with the caption, "Let's see how many social networks I wdm ban myself from today…" This combination of rdm and thick skin meets relentless self-promotion and social media savvy turned the streaking incident into something larger than a stupid stunt—it made Christina Platt into a symbol of a certain "give-no-fucks" idea of liberation.

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They're not doing it for the male gaze. I was like, "I wanna get on stage, I wanna get naked.

She immediately started branding herself as TeamPlatt on social media, sharing her address on Facebook, and posting status updates about the importance of self-confidence. In fact, while most streakers would bask in their 15 minutes of Internet fame before returning back to their everyday, fully-clothed lives, what Platt did to hang on to her notoriety is where this story gets interesting. There was some creepy ass guy who was filming everything that was happening.

The band manager came after me, they took me out to the front door where you pay to get in.

First they were trying to talk me out of it—"don't do the same stunt, people want something else. Gilrs of my friends have a band and they know him on a personal level from recording with him.

I dunno. I feel like I've gained a lot of friends. Then she started encouraging her fans to wear "Team Platt" kandi bracelets, uniting them under the girks of choice for ravers across the world. A lot of them are really cool, I'll tell my story and my beliefs, and they'll understand.

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We caught up with Platt on the phone to talk about that infamous night, her second streaker stunt at an Afroman concert, and what it means to be TeamPlatt. If they try to do something more, that's gonna gross nud out. The incident also got the attention of several blogs, one of which even creepily posted a slideshow of her Facebook photos.

How do you feel when that happens?

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At first, I was ashamed. The covered style of grunge also ended though it's now chipping away at a runway comeback, it's not yet rdm ificant traction on the streets. You've got these clothes hanging off you, holding you back. ShannonBrennan7 Edc bra finished!