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Dating over 30 reddit

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Dating over 30 reddit

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Share your experiences and help others.

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Don't post spam, surveys, or self-promotional stuff without prior permission. I'm halfway through my 30s now, and the spot I'm in is where it's like of course I want to meet someone, but at this age, I get easily exhausted at the thought of putting in a ton of effort datnig to realize there's usually little to no reward in it pertaining to resolving my dating life. These should be directed to the Off Your Chest thread on Wednesdays Rule 10 Frequently posted topics removed on moderator discretion.

Any direct messages to moderators will be ignored.

Dating over 30 - what has been your experience? : askwomenover30

Check out this post for more on our moderation "policy". Do not post just to push an agenda. It is against Reddit's Terms of Service. No other forum is acceptable.

Note that not all devices support these icons. Screen caps are okay if you blur faces, names, and all identifying info. I feel like I have more requirements now which has led to some not so good decisions since I was basing my attraction to people on superficial traits versus things like honesty and integrity and I'm slower to open up. Note that not all devices support these icons, sorry.

Participate elsewhere on Reddit to gain experience and karma before trying to post here. I ended up in a relationship with a guy who I felt like I connected with the most and I was with him for 7 years. Please screencap and report PMs that are problematic. Medical advice is not allowed here.

You're welcome to share your own information but please be cautious about it. I feel like dating was so much easier in my 20s because I was more carefree. dsting

Do not storm into the modmail with a bad attitude if this is the removal reason. Now that I'm in my 30s, I feel like dating has gotten harder because I'm much more risk averse.

No Rate Me posts. No clickbait i. We encourage use of the report button and we welcome conversations if community members have concerns.

What is good dating advice for women over 30? : askwomenover30

I've also lived in four different sating in that span of time so I'm just starting to finally establish myself in my city of choice now. Link to our Wiki People who are happily partnered in relationships are also encouraged to participate. Posts should request advice or drive discussion. Do not post pictures or ask questions looking for affirmation of your appearance or body features. If you have any questions about the moderation or ovee actions of moderators, you must send them to the mod team via modmail.

Neither can we lol Do not complain about other subs here, we're not your hotline for issues with them. Seriously, we're gonna remove this shit.

Be friendly. Abusing other community members is a banning offense. We are sex positive and inclusive of all types redsit people and relationships. No direct insults, and try to maintain an even tone.

Dating in your 30s is weird : dating

Please keep this in mind when talking with each other and when speaking about the greater reddit community. I've dated here and there the longest was 6 months but I didn't really fall for him enough to call him my boyfriend but I haven't met anyone that I trusted or felt strongly enough to enter into a committed long term relationship.

Please as yourself flair at the top of the sidebar. I have friends where the process has been pretty easy, so seeing that doesn't light a fire in me either. Rule 3 Posters need to have at least some comment history IE: Karma.


Rule 4 Be excellent to one another! Be an asshole, get downvoted. Main Rules No Cougar posts. Anyone is allowed to ask and answer questions. This includes external sites looking to farm responses for content.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions wiki and do a search before asking a question. It's almost as if there's more unnecessary ofer and less courtesy when all you're trying to be is a human trying to genuinely connect with another human. There are lo of other subs for that.

Discussion and advice on dating and relationships for people over the age of 30

Do not insult or troll people, including in PMs. Men are allowed to make top level comments as long as they are providing a positive contribution to the subreddit. Except in the weekly Rant thread. If you repeatedly ignore this, we will ban you.

Post Guidelines: The title of your post must contain an actual question. This is ovsr safe space for all races, genders, sexual orientations, legal sexual preferences and humanity in general.

Rule 5 Do not dehumanize others. Do not cruise this sub. Throwaways allowed if you message the mods ovr your main. If you have an issue with a post or comment that you think is borderline against the rules or violating the spirit of the community, please PM the mods explaining your issue. Private messages or direct Reddit Chat message to moderators about moderator actions will be ignored.

This is not an R4R subreddit. More Subreddit Rules and Guidelines.