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Compromise defined

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Compromise defined

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Judges encourage compromise and settlement, which is often economically sensible, since it avoids mounting attorneys fees and costs.

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See Nev. Send us feedback. Compromise can also mean to erode or diminish. Index, h.

Compromise dictionary definition | compromise defined

If you cheat, you compromise your integrity. It will be proper to consider, 1.

The compromise puts an end to the suit, if it be proceeding, and bars any Suit which may afterwards be instituted. We can't reveal that information without compromising national security. comptomise

Compromise legal definition of compromise

Vide Com. Verb You don't make deals that compromise yourself or your team, of course, but you help other riders if you can, so they might return compgomise favor.

compromiee If you never repair your brakes, you will compromise the safety of the car. If you compromise with your lab partner over how to analyze the experimental data, you find the middle ground between your two ideas.

Random Word compromise A compromise is a way of settling differences by everybody making concessions. It has the effect of res judicata.

Navy, activists warn," 31 July In the process of sending job offers, members of the group tried to compromise computers of employees, access their corporate networks and obtain sensitive comrpomise information. The compromise may be by parol or in writing, and the writing may be under seal or not: though as a general rule a partner cannot bind his copartner by deed, unless expressly authorized, yet it would seem that a compromise with the principal is an act which a partner may do in behalf of his copartners, and that, though under seal, it would conclude the firm.


Vide Submission; Ch. Tell a friend about usadd a link to thisor visit the webmaster's for free fun content.

Link to this :. If you want to stay out until 10 and your friend wants to stay out until midnight, 11 is a good compromise.


The compromise may relate to a civil claim, either as a matter of contract, or for a tort, but it must comrpomise of something uncertain; for if the debt be certain and undisputed, a payment of a part will not, of itself, discharge the whole. McNamara, In Retrospect, I've had other films that were successful, but I'm aware of the compromises I made—and they were tremendous. Sanctions," 12 Aug.

How the U. Whitmer, lawmakers reach compromise on plan for reopening schools," 15 Aug.

Compromise | definition of compromise by merriam-webster

It must be made by a person having a right and capacity to enter into the contract, and carry out his part of it, or by one having lawful authority from such person. A claim connected with a criminal copmromise cannot be compromised.

An agreement between two or more persons, who, to avoid a lawsuit, amicably settle their differences, on such terms as they can agree upon. Want to thank TFD for its existence?

In the civil law, a compromise is an agreement between two or more persons, who, wishing to settle their disputes, refer the matter, in controversy to arbitrators, who are so called because those who choose them give them full compronise to arbitrate and decide what shall appear just and reasonable, to put an end -to the differences of which they are made the judges. Judges encourage compromise and settlement, which is often economically sensible, since it avoids mounting attorneys fees and costs.

Visit the Thesaurus for More Examples of compromise in a Sentence Noun "You can't always come up with the optimal solution, but you can usually come up with a better solution," he [Barack Obama] said over lunch one afternoon. Compromise comes from the Latin compromissum, which means "mutual promise.