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Christian men blog

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Major media outlets including the Boston Globe, New York Times and Huffington Post have all published studies on the phenomenon of male loneliness and its potential to become a health crisis. We live in communities based on grace and truth.

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Facebook fans 6. About Blog I'm Tony Martin. Sharing an area of struggle or telling someone that you want to get to know them better feels risky.

So pretty much anything related to those two topics is fair game here! The New Jerusalem — a Biblical view, using the whole Bible to illuminate verses about the New Jerusalem; Conversant Faith — Kyle Barton has a conversant blog faith, where he writes on Christian mission, Christian values, Christian book reviews, and architecture also. The focus is to accurately pursue the Truth of chrisrian God created man and woman in conjunction with obedience to the Scriptures.

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We paddle in shallow honesty while craving deeper water. Pieces from Reese — This is a blog concerning relevant theology and fun topics about the Bible and God. The Generous Husband Blog for Christian Husbands About Blog This blog is about learning how to 'go the extra mile' for your wife, rather than doing only what you think is 'required'.

Men need meaningful time with men, whatever form it takes. Since Jan Blog everymanministries.

Dear christian man, why are you so lonely?

We train and support men who want to become better husbands, fathers, and spiritual leaders. Once you have your blog set up properly, make sure it lo fast christizn looks good.

Crumbs and Bits — a sister sharing about her enjoyment in the word, with the Lord, and in the ministry. Soon after the first meeting, others were invited to take part. The days of sitting on our heels are over. Teaching men in the church to develop in the spiritual disciplines is critical to the future of the church. These factors include: Traffic Rank on Alexa Back link Count shows people are linking to chrisgian content s Indexed by Google shows that the blogger is writing a lot A variety of other traffic and social als The ranking in the list below is a compilation of these ranking als.

And by simple, I don't mean easy! I recommend blog posts per week, with at least words each.

My #1 concern for christian men today

One of the primary keys to getting bog is to get links to your blog from other blogs. I'll be positive, affirming, and by God's grace spiritually uplifting.

Another way to say that is simple theology for a messy life. More Resources.

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Since Feb Blog wingmen. I believe we as husbands have a unique and powerful opportunity to share Christ with the world simply in the way we love our wives. My name is Aaron Smith. Seasons of Refreshing — a refreshment for any season. We often look for the perfect group based on our stage in life and our first impressions of other people in the group. Loving Jesus and people, husband to Kathy, father to 4, grandfather to 8, leader at Bethel Church, Bssm cofounder, author, born to transform the world!

Tell us your story. Christoan the free Yoast SEO plugin to help you write your posts.

I am a working hcristian who enjoys writing. Since Dec Blog missionalman. If you already have a blog, both companies can help you migrate. May the reader be edified and uplifted. AndyRCooper — thoughts and bits of enjoyment by Andy R.

Vlog you willing to ask someone those questions? I am a Christian so I have secured my hope in faith in Jesus Christ. I would love to speak at your event and set the hearts of the Catholic faithful in your area on fire with an unbelievable passion and zeal to evangelize others with the truth of the Catholic Faith. Related Articles:.

Those open wounds will wait patiently for the chance to hit you with a sucker punch. Our goal is to lead men to Christ and get them back in the local church for discipleship. He writes publicly about Christian discipleship, faith, and living the called life. Lord, sanctify us and sanctify the internet with the presence of many proper human beings who are men yet are becoming God in life and nature but not in the Godhead by being daily saturated with the Word and by speaking forth the word of God!

I started this podcast because I want to help other Christian men. Since Dec Blog news. Many men want great friendships without any risk factor.

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But this presents two problems. Very encouraging blog posts for our Christian life. First, this disciple understood something that few today ever come in contact with. It appears feminine and out of touch. People can blot us, judge us or otherwise disappoint us. We need to help men grow up in Christ by means of tough love and edification.

I blog about faith, family, life. It might be taking calls in the middle of the night or offering to have your friend live with you while they work through something. Facebook Comments. If you only see friends once a week for a Bible study, are you doing life together or checking boxes?