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Acting like someone else

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Acting like someone else

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By Paul Hudson Sep. You can be a scientist, a chef, a dancer, an entrepreneur, a writer, an artist, an astronaut, a president, but you have no choice but to be yourself. Rather, you have no other wise choice than to be yourself. We all have a multitude of character and personality traits.

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Imposter - dictionary definition :

I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their self-growth. By taking on the postures, expressions, and gestures of others, you gain insight into what causes people to display certain types of nonverbal behavior and become better at noticing the subtle cues that reveal their true intentions. They take on different elements of nonverbal behavior.

To make things worse, before you crash and burn, you will likely push yourself further and further in the wrong direction — guaranteeing maximum misery before you fall apart.

The third reason I like to recommend that you spend some time acting like someone else is that not only does it make observation a habit, but it makes mimicry and mirroring a habit, as well. I imagine myself having this big vision for the world that I want to accomplish — and having loyal employees who want to help me carry out my vision. So mimicry itself is going to become much more of a habit for you.

This makes it easier to get into character. Sometimes by wanting to create change so badly, we end up losing all the great things about the life we once had. In other words, we do have some control over how intensely each trait manifests itself.

You can do the same thing with any personality trait you want to work on more. Someone who tries to convince you that he's your long lost cousin in order to get lkie invitation to stay in your awesome apartment is an imposter.

Pretending you are someone else can be a very powerful way to tap into new aspects of yourself. Not everything is undoable.

The power of pretending you're someone else: stepping outside of a limited self-image

It truly becomes a tool acitng you, and you can start liek focus on some of the other aspects of establishing rapport that some of the other authors and other books that are out there that you can find. But this sort of transformation is usually unsustainable. Just focus on what you can do on a day-to-day basis. You may have never been entirely certain of who that person was or is, but now you have pushed yourself so far in the wrong direction that the person may be lost forever.

Look at what their feet are doing. This role-playing helps play with different roles in their mind and find how those roles fit with their own sense of identity.

The traits do have some elasticity, but as with all things, there are limits. Of course, these are the most basic — each trait correlates to a cluster of related and more specific traits.

Act like someone else - learn to read behavior while mimicking those around you - the cp journal

Try to take on the same postures, the same expressions, use the same gestures. And how can I adopt that into my own daily life? The other thing that helps you do is it forces you to learn how to read people and observe people without getting caught. Every person possesses these traits to some degree and the sommeone fluctuate in intensity throughout our lifetimes.

You may be able to push yourself to the limits and do so for years, decades even. Look at their legs, their hands, their arms, their torso, their face, their neck. The longer and further you managed to push yourself, the more painful the fall back onto reality. Stay updated on new articles and resources in psychology and self improvement: Related Posts:.

Random Word imposter An imposter is a person who pretends to be someone else. The Latin root is impostorem, "impose upon or deceive. Any imposter who pretends to be the sibling of a famous person, for instance, will get lots of attention.

At times of crises, we find sufficient reason and motivation to turn ourselves into the people necessary to get the job done. To keep things simple, each trait has a natural or comfortable resting state.

Acing 9, in Assessing Individuals People looking to develop their ability to read behavior can build the habit by mimicking and mirroring the behavior of those around you. However, you can also choose role models that are completely fictional — like characters from books, movies, TV shows, comics, or wherever.

7 reasons why you should never pretend to be someone you're not

The second reason I like to recommend that you spend a few minutes every day acting like someone else is because it gives you a great deal of perspective as to why people behave certain ways. What would cause me to behave and display this type of body language? Some things, once broken, will remain broken forever. You are you. Accept it. We all have a multitude of character and personality traits.

The researchers found that the children who were asked to imagine themselves as Batman spent the most time working on the task, even though they were told they could stop doing the task at anytime they wanted. Not everything can be fixed or mended.

Act like someone else – learn to read behavior while mimicking those around you

We all have role models whether we are aware of it or not. Ellse experiences have hardcoded you with certain behavioral traits as well as a particular line of thinking. You become much more comfortable doing it. Pushing certain traits further than they are naturally inclined to be affects all the other traits — supplementing some and decreasing the prominence of others.

Experiencing such a huge loss of time can push you over the edge. The person you are at this very moment has been built over years and years of learning and interpretation.

There are two reasons for this. You will almost certainly fail. Rather, you have no other wise choice than to be yourself.