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How to use Paypal with Banco Popular in the Dominican Republic – República Dominicana – video tutorials

How to use Paypal with Banco Popular in the Dominican Republic – Republica Dominicana – video tutorials The first video was published on youtube by Popularenlinea on April 13th 2015 – Impulsa tu negocio con PayPal y Banco Popular (or Boost your business with PayPal and Banco Popular) The second video was also published on youtube by Popularenlinea on April 13th 2015 – Cómo retirar tus fondos de PayPal en el Popular (or How to withdraw your PayPal funds in Banco Popular) I hope that the foregoing tutorials are helpful to Americans and Dominicans who are looking for information regarding opening and linking Paypal accounts within their Banco Popular online bank accounts.→ Click here to read the rest

How to SIM unlock Walmart Family Mobile phones – HTC Desire 626s Android – S-OFF not needed

I’ve unlocked a number of Walmart Family Mobile (powered by T-Mobile) HTC Desire 626s phones and the procedure, information, download links and files for unlocking are provided below. Before we start I want to first make the following acknowledgements:  HTC Desire 626s was released about a year ago (i.e., late summer 2015)  HTC Desire 626s is a budget smartphone (but somewhat cool looking and the red/salmon & grey colors probably helps aesthetically)  The SIM unlocking information provided below is applicable to other HTC models (not just the HTC Desire 626s) as well as HTC phones from other carriers (not just Walmart Family Mobile) Today I’m working on unlocking another HTC Desire 626s which I’ll later be mailing to the person who requested who requested the phone and the unlock.→ Click here to read the rest

Lovers Lane TV – LGBT – YouTube based web series in Greenville Mississippi

Lover’s Lane is a relatively new and interesting Youtube tv show in it’s first season which is filmed in Greenville, Mississippi. For readers who aren’t familiar with the area it’s located within the Mississippi Delta (not to be confused with the Mississippi River Delta). Episode 1 – “Flashback” debuted on March 5th, 2016 and currently has been viewed at least 13,160 times.→ Click here to read the rest

How to reverse the aging process with young human blood. (GDF11 ? and CREB ?)

Reversing the aging process with young blood is an idea which I’ve had in my head as far as high school at George Washington Senior High School (1995 – 1998) and Clarinda Academy (Nov. 1995 – Nov. 1996). I recently had the distinct pleasure of reading about the same idea in the online edition of the British newspaper, The Guardian.→ Click here to read the rest

What is /~bitsofev/apple.de added url? Hacked, hacker hacking.

I’ve been developing another of my sites for several months now. I wrote all the code for the site myself and I connect & interact with the database (mysql) using PDO (php data objects). I discovered a strange url (I didn’t create it) at the above referenced site less than a month ago. → Click here to read the rest

Negative SEO (negative search engine optimization)

Negative SEO is the practice of creating a substantial number of trashy backlinks to a website (especially a competitor’s site) with the objective of harming the site by deceptively making the site susceptible and vulnerable to being penalized by Google. Negative search engine optimization may result in a site’s search rank being unjustly lowered or dropped by Google.→ Click here to read the rest

GE General Electric – electric car (year 1979)

You wont gas it up. You’ll plug it in. That was the year 1979 electric car headline on the General Electric advertisement featured in Reader’s Digest magazine. image credit: Reader’s Digest magazine, p. 201, August – 1979. GE – General Electric. A Progress Report [year 1979] from General Electric: The electric car.→ Click here to read the rest

DNA profiling: privacy violations & collateral effects

Last year I was conducting research regarding DNA data banks, DNA databases and DNA profiling. I stumbled upon a story (The New York Times) about a young 13 years of age Italian woman named Yara Gambirasio. image credit: unita.it, 2011. photograph of Yara Gambirasio with parish priest Don Corinne Scotti at a church in the town of Brembate Sopra, province of Bergamo (date unknown).→ Click here to read the rest

1963 – 1967: Bureau of Land Management (BLM) stole land from black Americans in Alabama (Lemon Williams and Lawrence Hudson)

This is my first report here at JustinBailey.info and I’m immensely grateful that you are here reading it.  I’ll be publishing an extensive variety of thought provoking news, original research, noteworthy information and editorials. Earlier this year I learned that white Americans were stealing land from black Americans as recently as the year 1967.→ Click here to read the rest