Lovers Lane TV – LGBT – YouTube based web series in Greenville Mississippi

Lover’s Lane is a relatively new and interesting Youtube tv show in it’s first season which is filmed in Greenville, Mississippi.

For readers who aren’t familiar with the area it’s located within the Mississippi Delta (not to be confused with the Mississippi River Delta).

Episode 1 – “Flashback” debuted on March 5th, 2016 and currently has been viewed at least 13,160 times.

The LGBT ( lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) cast includes the following:

Quin’Meka Shaw as J.D.  (appears to identify as a male)

Charlie Profit as Tim (gay male)

Cherilyn Collins as Lorie (appears to be lesbian or bisexual)

Kiara Johnson as Kristy and before her legal name change as Erica (appears to be lesbian or bisexual)

Krystal Felston as Shai (appears to identify as a male)

Arial Sykes as Shawn (appears to identify as a male)

Jazs Washington as Chloe (appears to be lesbian or bisexual)

Camissa Jackson as Ace (appears to identify as a male)

Adrienne Smith as ?

The show centers on a group of young (20s) black (or African American) friends in Greenville, Mississippi.  Each character appears to be either Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender.

J.D. appears to sort of be the main character (at least for the time being) and Lorie and Kristy are his girlfriends and somehow he has a baby (adopted?) with Lorie.  Lorie appears to have been his main girl before he started dating Kristy and began caring equally for her.

Kristy moved to Greenville from somewhere else in Mississippi where she legally changed her name from Erica to Kristy (she changed her last name too).

Kristy seems to have been involved in some sort of way with some trouble (e.g., drug sales and purported death of her boyfriend/girlfriend) before moving to Greenville.

Shai, Shawn and Tim are good friends with J.D. and also the rest of the group (including Lorie).

Ace is new to Greenville and he is Shai’s cousin.  Ace also knows Kristy and it appears that they dated, or where in a relationship, before either of them moved to Greenville.  I’m not 100% certain or not if Ace knew that Kristy had quietly relocated to Greenville (and then followed her there) or if Ace only came because he has family there.  Kristy appeared to be shocked when Ace showed up in Greenville (at a party where the group of friends where hanging out at).

There’s also suspicion and some rumors indicating tha J.D. is also sleeping with Shawn’s girlfriend Chloe but this is likely not the case (or maybe it is) and just a misunderstanding after the two of them were spotted together while conducting innocent (?) errands regarding a gift which needed to be kept secret from Shawn for the time being.

Ace also appears to have been involved in some sort of way with the same trouble that Kristy was involved in before arriving in Mississippi.

Did Ace commit a murder before arriving in Greenville?

One thing is for certain and that is that Ace is extremely jealous (and appears to be obsessed with Kristy) and for the time being he and Kristy haven’t told anyone about knowing each other before Greenville and their secret past relationship.

Ace and Lorie (J.D.’s ex-main girl and baby’s mother) have stared dating and it appears that this may (or may not) be a revenge thing for Ace.  Lorie wasn’t originally aware that Ace had already met J.D. or any of her other friends. Moreover, she (like her friends) is still not aware of Ace and Kristy’s secret past.

Lastly (and most recently) it appears that Ace wants J.D. dead…

A list of all current episodes (with links) and upload dates are provided below:

Episode 2 – “Dirty Laundry” was uploaded on March 26, 2016

Episode 3 – “Who am I?” was uploaded on April 8, 2016

Episode 4 – “Rumors” was uploaded on April 23, 2016

Episode 5 – “Loyalty” was uploaded on May 8, 2016

Episode 6 – “Time Unfolds” was uploaded on May 22, 2016

Episode 7 – “True Love Never” was uploaded on June 22, 2016

Episode 8 – …

According to their Youtube channel Lover’s Lane was created by Franchester Clifton.

Contact email is listed as

I recognize many of the locations in Greenville where scenes were filmed.  For example, the inside of Freddie’s BBQ.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching episodes 1 thru 7 and I’m now patiently waiting for the overdue episode 8.


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