Monthly Archives: September 2015

How to reverse the aging process with young human blood. (GDF11 ? and CREB ?)

Reversing the aging process with young blood is an idea which I’ve had in my head as far as high school at George Washington Senior High School (1995 – 1998) and Clarinda Academy (Nov. 1995 – Nov. 1996). I recently had the distinct pleasure of reading about the same idea in the online edition of the British newspaper, The Guardian.→ Click here to read the rest

What is /~bitsofev/ added url? Hacked, hacker hacking.

I’ve been developing another of my sites for several months now. I wrote all the code for the site myself and I connect & interact with the database (mysql) using PDO (php data objects). I discovered a strange url (I didn’t create it) at the above referenced site less than a month ago. → Click here to read the rest

Negative SEO (negative search engine optimization)

Negative SEO is the practice of creating a substantial number of trashy backlinks to a website (especially a competitor’s site) with the objective of harming the site by deceptively making the site susceptible and vulnerable to being penalized by Google. Negative search engine optimization may result in a site’s search rank being unjustly lowered or dropped by Google.→ Click here to read the rest