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DNA profiling: privacy violations & collateral effects

Last year I was conducting research regarding DNA data banks, DNA databases and DNA profiling. I stumbled upon a story (The New York Times) about a young 13 years of age Italian woman named Yara Gambirasio. image credit:, 2011. photograph of Yara Gambirasio with parish priest Don Corinne Scotti at a church in the town of Brembate Sopra, province of Bergamo (date unknown).→ Click here to read the rest

1963 – 1967: Bureau of Land Management (BLM) stole land from black Americans in Alabama (Lemon Williams and Lawrence Hudson)

This is my first report here at and I’m immensely grateful that you are here reading it.  I’ll be publishing an extensive variety of thought provoking news, original research, noteworthy information and editorials. Earlier this year I learned that white Americans were stealing land from black Americans as recently as the year 1967.→ Click here to read the rest